Welcome to Finance.info

If you have landed on this blog post, you probably have a basic understanding of what Finance.info has to offer.

Our name says it all. We are devoted to providing high quality finance related information. Easy enough, right?

While this is the same goal that many other websites in this space share, we have two things going for us:

1. Our domain name. Finance.info is a one of a kind domain, allowing us to create a unique brand based on our mission.

2. Our approach. From starting my own business to buying a home and much more, I have personal experience with a variety of finance related subjects.

However, I am anything but an expert when it comes to the majority of my experiences. Like most, I learned through trial and error.

For this reason, I am not going to personally create every piece of content for the site. While I have plans to share quite a bit of information, what sets us apart is the advice and knowledge contributed by professionals in a variety of fields.

Let’s look at an example: like many, you may be interested in buying your first home. Despite the fact that I purchased my first place a few years back, I can only provide so much information. After all, it was only one purchase.

What we need is somebody who can draw on many years of experience and closed transactions. What we need is a real estate agent who specializes in working with first time homebuyers.

And since this is what we need to provide the highest quality advice, that is what we strive for. This type of piece (which is sure to come in the future), would feature a real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of successfully buying a home for the first time.

This is the primary difference between us and the “other guys.”

Nobody Knows Everything about Finance

Sticking with the same example above, it would be easy enough for me to scour the internet, grab a few sources, and rehash the same content that has been produced hundreds of times over.

But what good does that do you? What good does that do if you are the person who wants to buy their first home?

Nobody knows everything about finance. That being said, there are people, such as real estate agents, who know quite a bit about their respective industry. These are the people we are going to rely on to provide readers with advice that can actually change their life.

In short, when you read an article on Finance.info you know you are taking in a piece that has a unique point of view.

What to Expect from Finance.info

At this point, you already know what type of content to expect. But that only covers the tip of the iceberg.

Everyday, you can come back for fresh information related to a variety of categories including:

  • Careers
  • Credit and Debt
  • Family and Home
  • Investing
  • Lifestyle
  • Money Management
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business

When you leave the site, it is our hope that you do so with a stronger understanding of the wonderful world of finance. And hopefully, you can take the advice and knowledge you receive and use it to better your life.

If you ever have questions, comments, feedback, or want to contribute your knowledge, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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