The Rise of Couponing with the MyCoupons CSO

Source: The CSO is the Chief Savings Officer for – and her goal is to help you save money.

You have watched the shows on television. You have come across the sites online. Couponing has taken off over the past few years, and there is no reason to believe this trend is going to slow down anytime soon.

With a little bit of time and effort, anybody can save money on everything from groceries to clothing to electronics and much more.

Simply put, if you can buy it there is a good chance you can find a coupon.

Although consumers have used coupons for many years (dating back to 1887), the industry has evolved. This is due in large part to the internet, as well as the fact that most companies, especially in the retail space, are looking for a competitive advantage (which is often times a lower price).

MyCoupons Brought Couponing to the Internet

In today’s day and age, it is easy to scour the internet and find coupons on a variety of websites. However, MyCoupons, formed in 1995, is the oldest coupon website in the world. For this reason, there is nobody better to turn to for related advice and tips.

Here is what the Chief Savings Officer had to say: is the oldest coupon website around. How has couponing changed over the years?

Well, we’ve certainly come a long way! Clipping coupons is a thing of a past. Couponing has moved from an old-fashioned snip-and-clip methodology to one that is current and more digital in nature. While still does offer printable store coupons for those who prefer them, we also offer online coupon codes and promo codes for the modern shopper. Couponing nowadays covers all bases, whether you are shopping in-store or online. This makes coupons more accessible and convenient for people to use … not to mention, it’s a more “green” alternative to how it used to be.

When we first started back in 1995, and the Internet was just a baby, our CEO clipped coupons, stapling them together and making packets that he would mail out. Talk about old-school! Now, we have coupons for thousands of merchants available online at the click of a button.

What is the biggest benefit associated with searching for and collecting coupons online, as opposed to more traditional methods (mailers, etc.)?

Using coupons online is easier because you save yourself the hassle and fuss of physically cutting coupons out of the Sunday newspaper. Who wants to spend time doing that? With online coupons and promo codes, you also don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing coupons, plus, they are constantly being updated, day and night, to ensure that you have the best and most current offers available – something that is lacking when it comes to traditional coupons.

Another awesome perk is that you can always find the deals at the stores you like. With traditional couponing, you have to wait it out and, come Sunday, cross your fingers that your favorite brand is having a sale or offering a great deal in the paper. Kiss that archaic mentality goodbye. With MyCoupons, you can get alerts when your favorite merchants have updated coupons, or, you can easily search for bargains at your favorite stores right from our site. You know that we’ll have what you are looking for, and you won’t have to take a wait-and-see approach. See? Easy-peasy.

What advice would you give somebody who thinks it takes many hours a day to find the best coupons?

You don’t have to! We are all busy in today’s world and we don’t expect you to waste precious time hunting down deals and cutting out coupons. Perhaps if you were sticking to a more traditional coupon-cutting path, it could take hours … but not with online coupon sites like The beauty of the Internet is that it makes information – and in this case, coupons – quick, fast, easy, and accessible. We have experts who spend the time finding the very best deals so that you don’t have to. We don’t believe anyone should have to pay full retail price – ever! Essentially, MyCoupons does the work for you – all you have to do is simply search for your favorite store or brand and we’ll give you the best offers at any given time. You can visit at any time to get the best deals, or visit for other money-saving advice.

Final Thoughts

If you remember nothing else, let it be this: anybody can get started with couponing. With a service like MyCoupons, you are in position to find coupons that allow you to save money on a regular basis. What more could you want?

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