Online Software for Advanced Financial Planning

Source: Tom White is the Founder and CEO of iQuantifi, a “virtual financial advisor” helping people take control of their finances.

When it comes to successful financial planning, many people come up short for one key reason: they don’t have the help they need to succeed.

Although this may sound like a good excuse, nothing should stand between you and financial success. No matter the problem, there is a solution.

More so today than ever before, people are relying on online software for advanced financial planning.

With iQuantifi, for example, you will have access to a system that helps you reach all your goals.

In fact, the company’s mission says it all:

iQuantifi’s mission is to help people identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals.

Get Help Chasing your Financial Goals

iQuantifi is for those people who don’t qualify to work personally with a financial advisor or have no desire to do so.

If this sounds familiar, if you are the type who likes to take control of your own finances, you should look into getting as much outside help as possible.

Here is what Tom White, CEO of iQuantifi, had to say:

At iQuantifi, you want to change the way people think about money. How so?

We focus on the future, not the past. Financial planning is about goals. Buying a house, retiring or paying for your child’s college are goals that you as a household are trying to achieve. Our Core Planning Algorithm gives users a plan of attack – a path to achievement based on the resources of the household. We are not a budget nanny.

What are your goals with your yet to be released online software platform, meant to provide automated and personalized financial advice?

We will launch in the next few weeks. Our goal is to help millennials and young families solve their financial problems and achieve all of their goals. By using a dynamic timeline, iQuantifi shows the user their whole financial picture and helps them understand what impact their financial decisions could have. iQuantifi also gives actionable steps to take in order to turn their plan into a reality.

In your opinion, what holds most people back from achieving financial freedom?

We believe people budget or live month-to-month because they don’t know where to start. iQuantifi serves as a virtual financial advisor that gives them their own customized solution. Access to good advice and actionable steps has been limited by a traditional model. Using technology to plan and implement is more efficient, less painful and a much more convenient way to get things done. It’s all about setting things in place to be able to live your life.

Final Thoughts

If financial planning is not your strong suit, you don’t have to sit back, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Instead, you can rely on companies like iQuantifi that take pride in helping you reach your financial goals.

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